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Moving Home Checklist for New Zealand

October 14, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

moving-houseMoving Check List

A list of Ideas to make your life easier.

1)Treat yourself to a cleaner if you can afford it. It will mean that the rental property will look top notch when the agent comes round for the final inspection. Maybe get the cleaner just to clean the kitchen, bathrooms and any other rooms that received the most use within the home.

2)If you are using a removal company get at least get three quotes. Ask if they do provide a discount on an early weekday move. Friday is the busiest day for movers.

3)Check the fine print on your contents insurance to see if it covers damage and breakage while your belongings are in transit. If not organise cover with your insurance provider or removal company.

4)Redirect your mail for free for two months with New Zealand Post.

5)While you are dropping off the form, grab some free postcards to advise your new address to your friends and customers.

6)Make sure you have all utilities get a final reading on the day you move out. Eg : Electricity, gas and water.

7)Create a separate valuables box which contains all your important documents.

This way you keep all your important documents together with which you will be able to retrieve the information quickly.

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