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General Checklist for Purchasing Homes

June 1, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

buying-a-houseGeneral Checklist for New and Second-Hand Houses:

Questions to ask the Developer / Real Estate Agent/ Seller:

1) For the Government Valuation.
2) How much the land and water rates are?
3) Why they are selling?
4) Have all the required building consents, and permits had all the proper approval for all the work done. Ask to see all documentation.
5) What fittings and chattels are included in the price? Do they include floor covering, blinds, TV aerials.
6) Does the property have storm water drains?
7) What repairs and renovations are needed now?
8) When was the home last rewired?
9) Are there any protection orders over the buildings or trees.
10) Speak to the neighbours. It’s amazing what information you may learn about the neighbourhood. Are there any community disputes regarding boundary lines, fence lines etc. Are there any major plans for your neighbours to build such as extensions to their homes?


3 Responses to “General Checklist for Purchasing Homes”
  1. zzenja says:

    Thank you! I added this page to bookmark)) I think would be useful …

  2. galia says:

    Thanks to author a blog, I actually saved a lot of time! I would go again!

  3. belavina says:

    Great blog! Looking forward to receiving new posts!

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