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What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage Broker is an agent, an intermediary between you the consumer and the mortgage lender. The mortgage broker will shop the available lenders to find the mortgage product that offers the best combination of features, options and rates to suit your individual circumstances. The best part – depending on your credit picture – there is no extra charge to the consumer for the service! The mortgage consultant’s fee is normally paid by the lender.

Why use a mortgage broker?

  • You want the best terms for your loan

With the fluctuation in interest rates of late, homebuyers have become more aggressive in seeking out the best possible terms from a lender. The appeal of a mortgage broker lies in the opportunity to effectively search a large segment of the mortgage industry for the optimum terms, rather than negotiate personally with only one or a few lenders. As a result, the popularity of mortgage consultants is growing.

  • You want unbiased help and information at no cost to you

Last year, over 20% of all mortgages placed in New Zealand were through a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker can also be a source of information and an unbiased help in wading through the myriad of options available in the mortgage industry today. Wondering about the advantages of refinancing? Want more information on buying your first Home? How about advice on fixed rate mortgages? Having problems getting a mortgage because you’re self-employed? Or maybe you need special help arranging financing for an investment property. These are the kinds of issues a mortgage broker can help with, and usually at no cost to the buyer.


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Home Loans Today | Mortgage | Home Loans| Life Insurance