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Tips on how to Make Money from Property:

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There are  three ways I know on how to make money from property:

1)      Buy wholesale from the property market

2)      Buy before the next boom in the property cycle.

3)      Adding value to the property through renovations.

Why Renovate Properties?

1)      Run Down properties are easier to find in the market.

2)      Easier to negotiate the price down on a property that needs to be renovated.

3)      Renovations in a raising market will add value straight away.

4)      Renovated properties increases rental returns.

Moving Home Checklist for New Zealand

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moving-houseMoving Check List

A list of Ideas to make your life easier.

1)Treat yourself to a cleaner if you can afford it. It will mean that the rental property will look top notch when the agent comes round for the final inspection. Maybe get the cleaner just to clean the kitchen, bathrooms and any other rooms that received the most use within the home.

2)If you are using a removal company get at least get three quotes. Ask if they do provide a discount on an early weekday move. Friday is the busiest day for movers.

3)Check the fine print on your contents insurance to see if it covers damage and breakage while your belongings are in transit. If not organise cover with your insurance provider or removal company.

4)Redirect your mail for free for two months with New Zealand Post.

5)While you are dropping off the form, grab some free postcards to advise your new address to your friends and customers.

6)Make sure you have all utilities get a final reading on the day you move out. Eg : Electricity, gas and water.

7)Create a separate valuables box which contains all your important documents.

This way you keep all your important documents together with which you will be able to retrieve the information quickly.

General Checklist for Purchasing Homes

June 1, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

buying-a-houseGeneral Checklist for New and Second-Hand Houses:

Questions to ask the Developer / Real Estate Agent/ Seller:

1) For the Government Valuation.
2) How much the land and water rates are?
3) Why they are selling?
4) Have all the required building consents, and permits had all the proper approval for all the work done. Ask to see all documentation.
5) What fittings and chattels are included in the price? Do they include floor covering, blinds, TV aerials.
6) Does the property have storm water drains?
7) What repairs and renovations are needed now?
8) When was the home last rewired?
9) Are there any protection orders over the buildings or trees.
10) Speak to the neighbours. It’s amazing what information you may learn about the neighbourhood. Are there any community disputes regarding boundary lines, fence lines etc. Are there any major plans for your neighbours to build such as extensions to their homes?

Check List for your Dream Home:

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Do you want to live close to the following:

1) A bus stop / Rail station?
2) To your work place?
3) The type of schools for your children?
4) Recreation facilities?
5) Does the property have views?
6) Is it close to the shops / supermarket?
7) Are you looking for a quiet street?
8) Do you want to live in a flat / hilly area?
9) Is your area you want to buy in up and coming?
10) Is it important that the zoning allows small businesses to run from home?

When buying a home all experts advise location, location , location.
Type of House:

Want type of home do you want:

1) How many rooms do you want / require?
2) Would you like a carport / lock up garage?
3) Is the property north facing with plenty of Sun?
4) Large rooms?
5) More than one toilet or bathroom?
6) Separate shower in the bathroom?
7) Separate dining room?
8) Is it a low maintenance home?
9) Character of the property?
10) Low maintenance garden?

Surviving the Current Financial Situation

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stressedWith everything being so tight in this market Cash is still King.

Make the decision to take the pressure off the household and your relationships at home by taking the following positive steps:

1) Place the mortgage on interest Only. There must be enough equity in your property to allow the mortgage provider the room to stop the principle payment. The banks will normally allow you to resume the payments when you can afford to start them again.

2) Ask for a three month mortgage holiday. You do have to have your rates and your house insurances up to date. No Mortgage payment for three months can often see people through their short term financial problems.

3) Top up your existing mortgage. Top up your existing mortgage loan to pay off your consumer loan or credit card. By repaying a loan at 20% to a mortgage at 6% you can reduce your repayments and increase your cashflow.

4) Change the term of your mortgage: If you still want to make principal loan repayments, change your fifteen year loan to a twenty five year loan, hence reducing your monthly payments.

5) Top up your existing mortgage: Top up your existing mortgage to fund your calculated mortgage payment shortfalls for a couple of years. Please do not let your mortgage get into arrears or have bad account conduct such as late payments. The Banks are far more cooperative if you have kept your mortgage payments up to date.If you find yourself in a situation where your mortgage payments will not be manageable it is important that you contact your mortgage broker to discuss your options.

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